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Planning Your Unique Experiences in Scotland

MacLean & Bruce was conceived in 2013 following a discussion where we were asked, informally and as friends, to organise a very high spec whisky tour of Scotland for a visiting Royal.

This wonderful experience, a roaring success, set a very high bar for what we subsequently decided to turn into a business. 

With family and friends throughout the country, combined centuries of history and Scottish adventures between us, we quickly came to realise that this was one of our most unique and valuable assets.

As the old adage goes; 'It's not what you know, but who you know', and never is that more true than when you are travelling. 

We set about ensuring that we only offered our guests experiences which can't be bought online, or provided by the standard tour operator, because they rely on our personal knowledge and our friends. 

From the very beginning our intention has been to welcome our guests as friends, an ethos which has proven to make the world of difference to our guests, as well as to us as hosts.

Our access to the world of whisky is second to none, and with Charles MacLean at the helm we are able to give our guests a truly memorable time exploring the whisky distilleries of Scotland.


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