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Whisky Tasting Event in Scotland Posted

Whisky Tasting Event in ScotlandHow to taste whisky, with Alex Bruce of Adelphi and Grant Harrold, 'The Royal Butler. Adelphi are one of Scotland's finest independent bottlers of single cask whisky. With importers all around the globe, the limited bottlings of whisky travels far and wi…  Read more

John F Kennedy in Scotland Posted

John F Kennedy in ScotlandA little known fact is that the first public address made by JFK was in Glasgow. One of the first hostile acts of the second world war was the sinking of the passenger liner Athenia. The ship, which was en route from Glasgow to Montreal, was sunk on the 3…  Read more

Scotland's Heritage Posted

Scotland's HeritageLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed sit amet dui eget dolor convallis tincidunt non non risus. Read more

Ten Day Whisky Tour Posted

Ten Day Whisky TourThere are plenty of distilleries in Scotland to keep even the most hardy whisky enthusiast busy for quite some time! We have selected a route which encompasses as many of the well known distilleries as possible, good accommodation and additional points of…  Read more

Serving up Scotland Posted

Serving up ScotlandWe received a request from guests who had watched Andrew Zimmern visit Scotland in his series Bizarre Foods, and they decided that's what they wanted to experience. In the programme about Scotland, Zimmern shot a pheasant and had it cooked for his dinner,…  Read more